A lot of you are already washing videos in YouTube on how to use the pressure washer machine in different things. It can be fun to do stuff that you don’t know how to use and want to test it on things. But hold that idea! Don’t get excited immediately. When it comes to pressure washing, you have to be careful always.  

 Pressure Washed

Pressure washing is a task that as much as possible should be left to Jacksonville FL pressure washing experts. Admit it, you don’t know what you are doing and with mishaps, you may end up fixing your damages. Worst, you may end up in the hospital or any people around your home. But if you are really up to the task, make sure you know some things that do not need pressure washing. Below are the things you should avoid when it comes to pressure washer. 


This is like the above mentioned, electrical boards and meters. Utilizing extremely high strain to clean your vehicle, most particularly in the engine, could drive water into breaks and hole and cause serious harm to the vehicle. Additionally, it can cause dents and can even chip the paint, making it defenseless against rust.  

Electrical Panels, Meters, and Outdoor Lighting 

It is a given fact that outdoor housing electricity can withstand storms and rain but it is not advisable to use pressure washer on it. It can compel water into splits and cleft, making it harm. Fixes for these fixtures are expensive. To abstain from burning up all your bank account, do not try to clean electrical panels, meters and outdoor lightning with pressure washer.  

Wood Siding  

Though it is possible for a wood siding to be washed using a pressure washer but it is best to avoid water getting under the exterior surface because of the high pressure. Because of this water may dent the vinyl or aluminum sliding. It can likewise harm protection, electrical wiring; more terrible, it can advance shape development. Indeed, even great wood can be delicate and harmed by a weight wash  

Living Things  

Never pressure wash people, pets, and plants. In some cases, individuals will believe that putting their thumb over the tip of a garden hose is the same when you do it on a pressure washer machine. Don’t even do that thought. A simple garden hose does not have the same power as the pressure washer. 

A pressure washer has multiple times the power of a garden hose. Consequently, making this machine productive yet risky. It can actually slice through human skin. When you are weight washing suitable surfaces, make sure to wear well-being glasses to shield your eyes from garbage. Look at the other well-being gear each DIYer should possess.  


The biggest no you should do when it comes to pressure washing is using it on a glass. It can break because it cannot withstand the high pressure of water. You don’t want to replace an expensive item, right?  So, you should be careful when you are washing through an area with glasses.